About Us



Hello, I am Allison, I am a wife to an amazing man of 9 years and we have three beautiful daughters! Payton Jean or very sassy 5 year old keeps us laughing with all her spunkiness. Kinsley Rae is our 4 year old who keeps us on our toes with her vey adventurous personality, and Avery Jo who is a crazy 2 years old who is our ray of sunshine. They are the apple(s) of our eyes, and the whole reason THREE HONEY’S started! I was a full time stay at home mama to my first born and wanted to dress her in all the latest fashion, but could never find exactly what I wanted! So with a little push from the best support system (Thanks Hubs), THREE HONEY’S was born and not soon after added mama options (mamas fashion needed a boost too)! I hope to continue to grow the brand and spread kindness to the hearts of every women and child!